Four Fabulous TV Series Featuring Amazing Women

Four Fabulous TV Series Featuring Amazing Women
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When I was a young girl, I fell in love with the pioneer stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder, the adventures of nineteen-year-old schoolteacher Christy, in the Appalachian Mountains, and the spunky dreamer Anne Shirley, in Anne of Green Gables. As well as devouring the books, I loved watching the TV series of these strong, adventurous women. As a young girl, these women’s lives were a great example to me of the kind of person I wanted to become: bold, brave, compassionate and loyal.

When I first saw the TV series “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman”, I fell in love with it in the same way as the others. I enjoyed watching “Dr. Mike” fight for the right to be respected as a female doctor on the Western frontier. Her determination and grit was an inspiration to me. Although a fictional character, she is at the top of my list of strong, accomplished females I admire.

Do you remember watching any of these fantastic TV series?  They are great for families of all ages. And if you have a daughter, one of these stories just might inspire her to do amazing things, too. Check out my list below and head to your local library to watch them today – for free!

#1 – Little House on the Prairie (1974-1983)

Starring : Michael Landon, Melissa Gilbert

*This original series became an instant classic, a favorite of families everywhere for the wholesome values and true story of the courageous pioneer family. You can find it here, or at your local library.

Little House on the Prairie (2006)

Starring: Cameron Bancroft, Erin Cottrell

*This modern adaptation of the Little House movies sticks close to the events in the books, while offering strong acting and beautiful cinematography. This version is a favorite of my children. You can find a copy here.

#2 – Anne of Green Gables (1986)

Starring: Megan Follows, Colleen Dewhurst

*Based on the books, the wholly original, imaginative and dreamy Anne Shirley captured many a young girl’s heart. (I wanted to BE her!) Be sure to watch all of the adventures of Anne in the collection. Find it here.

#3 – Christy (1994-1995)

Starring: Kellie Martin, Tyne Daly

*Based on the book by Catherine Marshall, I remember watching this series in my living room with family. It was wholesome and uplifting, with excellent acting and themes of faith, determination and friendship. I was very disappointed when they pulled the series, without showing us who Christy marries. (You can find this out in the book). Later on, they made several more Christy movies, but none can match the quality of that first TV series. The original version with Kellie Martin, is my favorite. Find the complete series here.

#4 – Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman (1993-1998)

Starring: Jane Seymour, Joe Lando

*This historical drama featured free-spirited Dr. Michaela “Mike” Quinn, an independent woman who leaves her Boston home to become one of the first female doctors on the Western frontier. She faces many challenges and trials, but also finds love and a family along the way. An award-winning series, for its historical accuracy, and ongoing modern relevancy today, this series is one of my all-time favorites. I love the quality acting and the wonderful characters. Click here to find Season 1, or look for them all at your local library.

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