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Best List of Music, Movies and Books: You’ll Love Them!

Best List of Music, Movies and Books: You’ll Love Them!
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Thinking about watching a movie tonight?  Or looking for that next good book? Maybe you just need something new to listen to?  Here are my best picks for you:


  • Hollyn – Pop with a unique sound. This girl can sing, and she’s as down-to-earth and real as they come. As a singer/songwriter, she is an amazing new talent. (My kids love her, too!)  Check out her new album on iTunes here.
  • Four80East – Jazz with a soulful, experimental sound. Super smooth and fun to listen to while driving. Check out their albums (especially Positraction) here.
  • tobyMac – A melting pot of pop, funk, soul, R&B, rock and a little reggae thrown in for good measure. The lyrics are uplifting and the beat will keep you movin’ your feet. Check out his many albums here.
  • Jackie Evancho – Classical. Beautiful, angel voice! Find her albums here.
  • Josh Groban – Classical. Amazing talent! I love all his albums.
  • Jesse Cook – Canadian guitar player. Elements of new age, jazz, and easy listening. Check him out here.
  • Kim Walker-Smith – Gospel.  If you like uplifting music with powerful vocals, you’ll enjoy Kim. She’s the real thing.



  • Edge of Tomorrow (Action/SciFi)
  • Interstellar (Drama/SciFi)
  • Master and Commander (Drama)
  • Seabiscuit (Drama, based on true story)
  • The Good Lie  (Drama, based on true story) (find it here)
  • Jane Eyre  (Drama) (find it here)
  • Pride & Prejudice  (Drama) (find it here)


BOOKS (Fiction)

  • The Kitchen House  (find it here)
  • The Wrecker (An Isaac Bell Adventure)  (find it here)
  • The Keeper: A Novel  (find it here)
  • Vendetta (The Nikki Boyd Files) by Lisa Harris
  • Vanished: A Novel (Private Justice Vol 1) by Irene Hannon
  • The Negotiator (The O’Malley Series #1) by Dee Henderson  (all her stuff is good!)
  • Sworn to Protect (Call of Duty Series) by DiAnn Mills


Let me know if you like any of these… Happy Reading, Listening and Watching!

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