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New Music: Hollyn Speaks Her Mind

New Music: Hollyn Speaks Her Mind
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Are you ready to try some fresh, new music? I recently discovered a very talented young singer and songwriter by the name of Hollyn. She was a contestant on American Idol during season 12, where she made it to the Hollywood rounds. Hollyn sings a mixture of pop, R&B, and Christian music, and already has two albums out. In an article on Forbes.com, the twenty-year old said she aims to tear down the wall between Christian and mainstream music. Her debut album “Hollyn” features her smooth signature sound and beautifully honest lyrics like these from the song Steady Me:

“Got all these emotions don’t know how to feel
Sometimes it’s like I’m livin’ on a ferris wheel
Torn between the fiction and what is real
I hear you whisper to me to give you all control
Somedays it’s harder for me just to let it go
I just need to step out and step into your flow.”

Her second album “One-Way Conversations” continues her heartfelt honesty, speaking her mind with insight beyond her years. Some of my favorite lyrics are found in these two songs:

Love With Your Life

There’s only so much you can say
Till words turn into noise
Yeah we go round and round again
But people we were meant to blaze
A life that’s beautiful
Yeah, we got so much love to give

Don’t look to the left or right
You know the future’s worth the fight
Don’t look to the left or right
Hey, yeah
L-o-v-e rolls off the tongue
But sometimes the word’s just not enough
Gotta dig a little, dig a little deeper

You gotta love with your life
Like a fire burning strong
Til’ the night has come and gone
There’s a hope that lives in you
You gotta love with your life
Like a warrior
Fight, lay it on the line
If you wanna see a change
You gotta love with your life


I just want to talk to ya
But I know you’re in a, in a pretty rough place
And I just wanna walk with ya
But I always wanna, wanna give you your space

I know where you’re standing
I can’t help you, if you don’t let your walls fall down
Let your walls fall down (down, down, down, down)

Isn’t it obvious?
Take off your shades, look me in the face
Isn’t it obvious?
Don’t you know what you’re missing?
Isn’t it obvious?

I can feel it, when you talk to me
Behind the walls you built
I feel your pain, this ain’t a game
But this ain’t the end of the world

I can’t help you, if you don’t let your walls fall down
Just let those walls fall down

You’re running around in circles
Yeah, you’re running around in circles
I don’t think this is working

I know that it’s hard
What you’re doing to yourself
You’re locked in these bars
But these prison walls are falling
I’m standing arms wide open
I’m standing waiting for ya
Come running (running, running)
You can be free, if you want to

I love the poetry in her song lyrics, and the honesty about life’s struggles. Sometimes we all need to hear a little honesty.

If you’re looking for something fresh, uncomplicated and real – listen to Hollyn. Check out Hollyn’s albums on iTunes or find her here.

-Keeping it Real!  -Sbmccoy

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