Outdoor Fun for Kids

Outdoor Fun for Kids
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School is almost out… Summer is almost here!  For me, this is a good time to think ahead and get ready with some fun outdoor activities to keep my active kids busy, and not bored. Do you have a similar challenge?  If so, here are some favorite ideas that have worked for me.

* Slip-N-Slide – This has always been a hit with our kids (and the neighbor kids, too). We found it was easier to set up than a pool, and our grass got watered at the same time!

*Inflatable or Steel Soccer Goal – For kids that like balls and love to run, we’ve found the Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal holds up well with lots of use. For younger kids, an Inflatable Soccer Goal with Ball is a fun choice.

*Scientist/Explorers – For kids that like to use their imagination and “pretend play”, this is a fun activity. All you need are explorer outfits (if your kids like to dress up), binoculars, bug catchers, butterfly nets, a notebook or sketchbook to record their findings, and something to carry all their supplies in. Then you can set them lose in the backyard or a nearby park.

*Camping In The Backyard –  A similar idea is to set up a play tent or real camping tent, gather a few old towels or blankets (for use inside the tent), some snacks like goldfish crackers and cheese sticks (little campers get hungry!), and backpacks to carry their stuff. My kids love to get creative and pretend they are camping for real…  They’ve even set up a pretend “fire pit” to roast their pretend marshmallows over.

*Twister In The “Rain” – Let them set up the plastic Twister game on the grass – under a sprinkler!  (The game just got a lot more slippery).

*Mud Pies – If you’re brave enough… allow your kids to put on their grubbiest clothes and supply them with some old pots and pans to make “mud pie”. (Cupcake pans work great for this). Throw out a tarp to keep the mess in one location (if possible?) and wash it down with a hose when they’re finished. You might be surprised how long this activity keeps them busy.

Do you have some fun outdoor summer activities you like to do with your kids?  I’d love to hear them!


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