Special Poem for Mother’s Day

Special Poem for Mother’s Day
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To all you moms out there… thank you for working hard to be the best women you can be. You are beautiful!

This poem is dedicated to my Mom. I love you.

Thank You, Mom

My mother’s not perfect,

And that is okay.

Cause as I’ve grown older,

And now on this day…


I see with my children

How imperfection can bring

Opportunities for beauty

To flourish and sing.


True beauty’s not perfect

That’s simply a lie.

It’s just that it’s growing

Always reaching up high.


So I guess I am beautiful,

Imperfections and all.

I’ll keep learning and trying,

Get up when I fall.


So thank you, Mom,

For showing the way,

For not being perfect…

And you know what?

It’s okay.


by sbmccoy

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