Time to Break…Poems to Inspire

Time to Break…Poems to Inspire
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Here are two poems I just finished. I hope they inspire something to break open in your life.


Break it in the evening
When shadows start to fall.
A myriad of floating pages
Like fragile paper dolls.
Nothing left in order
Just a broken little wall.

Break it in the morning
All across the lawn.
A thousand sparkling pieces
Scattered like the dawn.
Nothing left unspoken
Soon it will all be gone.


See it breaking,
See it break and let it fall.
Come and take it down now,
Let it shatter on the floor.

Reasons, let them be now
As if they never were.
The snow can cover for a day,
But spring will bring the thaw.

Don’t try to hold it down now.
Don’t try to stop the tide.
The river washes everything,
And Hope will make it right.

-sbmccoy (7-7-2017)

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