What Does Your Pet Say About You?

What Does Your Pet Say About You?
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Have you ever noticed that people and their pets often look and act, alike?  I saw a funny example of this while watching the classic Disney movie “101 Dalmatians” with my children. After deciding his owner needs a wife, Pongo the Dalmatian takes up a position at the window and starts checking out owners and their dogs walking by. The parade of matching pairs is hilarious. It’s meant to be funny, but in real life there are interesting observations to be made about the similarities between people and the kind of pet they have.

A Good Pet Fit

For instance, our family has a Boston Terrier. She is rambunctious, very active and friendly with everyone. She is not fussy and is easy to care for. However, she has a stubborn streak and her favorite game is tug-of-war. She gets easily distracted when out for a walk, and runs off to follow whatever scent she just picked up. That just about sums up our family (in a simplified way). I’d say we picked a dog who is a good fit for us.

Short and Tall

What about your pet?  What do they say about you? Do you have a feisty chihuahuah that is socially hyperactive? (You may be that way, too!) Do you have a fussy “baby dog” that needs to be pampered and spoiled and loves your lap more than a walk? (Some people need this kind of attention, too). Larger, taller people often have large dogs – like Pitbulls, Great Danes and Rottweilers. Smaller, shorter people often have small dogs – like daschunds, pomeranians, terriers and other miniature breeds. There are exceptions to this of course.

Just For Fun

…Next time you’re at the dog park, pet store, or anywhere there are owners and their pets, take a moment to notice whether they are matching pairs or not. There are personality similarities, and appearance similarities. You might be surprised at what you find.

This could be true of other kinds of pets as well. For instance, I have rabbits. What do they say about me? Well, I prefer peace and quiet to loud noises, I prefer tidyness to messes, I prefer things to be easy and simple to care for, versus challenging. And I like to cuddle. I’d say rabbits are a good fit for my personality.

Other Kinds of Pets

Some folks have pet rats. They are very intelligent and can easily be taught tricks. Perhaps these owners are also very smart, and like to do tricks? Maybe they like to teach? Hamsters are fuzzy and fast, and enjoy being industrious with their homes. Some people are like that, too.

I know people who think of horses as pets. It can be like having a big friend and confidant. (Or a big stubborn child). Although horses aren’t affectionate like dogs and cats, they show their pleasure in other ways. My daughter loves horses. She loves the independence of riding a horse, the joy she takes in caring for them, and the smell of horses and stables. My daughter also happens to be stubborn and independent and likes to “do her own thing”. (Sounds like most horses to me). If you suggest taking one trail, she will most likely take the other. Or blaze a new trail altogether.

We need people like that. And all different kinds of pets to suit the variety we find in our world. How boring would it be if we all preferred Golden Retrievers?  (Not to knock goldens, our family had a wonderful retriever growing up. He suited us very well). Variety is beautiful!

-Keeping it Real, Sbmccoy

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